lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

Self Study Links

ages 3 to 100 - covers everything, games are made by other teachers.

only 3 games, mostly videos - cartoons, songs tv clips

for young ones - focus is on vocab - teaches words, has games, match words to pics, fill gaps and a dictation

blues up, lets you know if answer is correct as soon as you submit

lessons on topics, no games.   Teens up - has option to search

flash quizzes and crossword puzzles - no option to search what looking for

lessons, exercises, wordsearch, listening, reading and videos

grammar, vocab, english basics, British culture, quizzes, games, pronunciation, lessons

lots of grammar, mobile friendly games

games for vocab and sentence structures

videos for lessons

this is the link to the part of the website where students can select a particular grammar point and do various ex

goes over the grammar points that are tested in the PET exam and exercises to practice

exercises and videos on the side to explain the grammar point that the student has selected

for more advanced students, gives a detailed explanation of the selected grammar point and then links to various exercises

lots of exercises. Gives an example at start of each ex and places to click if you need help

Really old and clunky. Thousands of exercises made by volunteers but seem to be quite good.

Clear exam based exercises. Eg PET Reading has got 6 exercises for free and another 4 behind a paywall

martes, 7 de abril de 2015

Cocina de Pascua

El primer sábado de las fiestas de Semana Santa organizamos un taller de Pascua para los estudiantes de Welcome English School y sus amigos. El taller se centró en dos temas: la cocina y la Pascua. 

Repartidos por toda la academia, los niños decoraron un cup cake con fondant de colores y con mini huevos antes de realizar una gran cesta sumergiendo globos en chocolate derretido y al secarse estallar los globos.

En la cesta de chocolate guardaron los huevos cocidos que habían decorado con colores y purpurina.

Finalmente, la Pascua no estaría completa sin la tradición anglosajona de "Easter egg hunt" hacer una búsqueda de huevos de chocolate que el conejito de Pascua dejo para los niños.